Saturday, July 08, 2006

Top 10 List for Hong Kong

Fai Mao’s
Top Ten List of Things Hong Kong Should Do

  1. Put Anson Chan out of her misery. She wants to be the next CEO (Mayor of Hong Kong) simply because she was the most senior Civil Servant. I have news for you baby, politics is not a seniority system unless you live an benighted place like the UK where Dumbo the Elephant masqurading as Prince Charels becomes king because he is the first born. She should be required move to the US and keep Helen Thomas company.

  2. Make it illegal for Long Hair Leung to wear t-shirts with the face of a mass-murderer on it in Legco meetings. He should be required to wear a suit and tie. That way he could look like someone who went to university in the UK or gaduated from HKU rather than simply like a fool.
  3. Require retailers like Fortress and Broadway to carry replacement batteries for the cameras they sell if the batteries are a propriatory item that cannot be easily found.

  4. Require Li, Kai Shing to live in an 350 square foot “Luxury apartment” that his company built.

  5. Require Nina Wong to have plastic surgery so she does not look like a pig and fine her HKD $1,000,000 per day she wears her hair in pig tails

  6. Erect a statue of Chris Patton in Yuen Long that people can throw oranges (or maybe egg tarts) at on Chinese New Year since they can no longer throw them at the wishing tree.

  7. Force TVB to replace Dianna Lin with Lydia Lum.

  8. Forbid the police from using lights and sirens when on their way to a new noodle shop.

  9. Make Donald Tsang where a beanie with a propeller on top if he wants to keep wearing those stupid bow ties

  10. Build the New government headquarters next to the Disney Land on Lantau Island. That way the government officials would feel right at home.

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Fai Mao
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