Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Death-Rattle of a Movement - Except in Hong Kong

A.J. Strata is one of my favorite online reads. I wish I had the science background he does and could couple it to my philosophy and social science background. I'd be a better blogger. His post earlier this week titled: Alarmist hide truth about (lack of ) global warming: was picked up by several other blogs and was rated as one of the best blog entries by the political blog Watchers of the Weasels

I have become increasingly frustrated over the past two weeks or so as the growing scandal over the leaked, not hacked, emails from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University have been completely overlooked by the print and broadcast media here in the Big Lychee. Maybe they've talked about it on the radio but radio was always something I did in the car. Since I don't drive here I don't listen to the radio.

The problem is that if I say anything about this at work or in social settings then I am called names by the apostles of Owl Gore. This issue has become so polarized that there can be no rational discussion about it. People believe it, or they know the truth. If you express doubts about AGW as I have for years then you are labeled as a polluter, anti-environmental monster, worse, worse than worst and still and lower than the lowest war criminal ever executed.

Well fine, call me names. I don't care and I will laugh while you watch your false god teeter and then fall. Nobody wants to see the horrific air pollution in China reduced more than I do. But, I would rather rather breathe the smoke in Causeway Bay than reduce the pollution problem by lying about it and the global warming hysteria is based upon lies. I refuse to scare people with lies to make them behave. I didn't do that with my children and I won't do with nearly illiterate HKU graduates.

If you want the facts, the truth about global warming then click on A.J. Strata's blog. He has the scientific credentials to back up his claims as do the people he links too. The people who oppose the AGW are not:
1. In the pay of big oil
2. A fringe of bitter religious nuts with big automobiles
3. Crackpots
4. Disreputable

It is true that all most everything presented as fact by the global warming advocates is either a lie or an exaggeration
1. The sea levels are not rising faster now than in the past.
2. It isn't hotter now than in the past. In fact it was hotter in the 1930's and 1940's
3. The arctic ice is NOT melting
4. CO2 is not a pollutant.
5. There are not more or bigger hurricanes or tornadoes
6. The science was never settled
7. Most the 2400 names on the famous list were not even scientist
8. Al Gore is not a well meaning advocate and neither are the leaders and persons pushing this lie.

They don't even know how a greenhouse works.

If you can't handle that then go buy some dope from this guy and get high together in a Chinese jail. Because I give up. If the the real science, the real facts, the real data do not convince you then you are either an idiot or something much worse. Go ahead, call me names, I admit I started it this time but mine are true and yours are not. But, don't email this blog with fake and manipulated statistics from "An Inconvenient Truth" or any other information that uses information from the East Anglia CRU because none of it is true.

Alternately, you can get really angry that you were lied to in a deliberate and pervasive manner and work on real environmental problems. You might also need to apologize to a few people as well.

It will be fun to see when the news finally hits Hong Kong about this issue. It is the largest scandal in the history of academia with professors rigging the system, rigging the review process and intimidating the opposition into silence. It will probably give science a black-eye for decades and I am not sure it isn't deserved.

I just wonder, does this mean that Donald Tsang's brother-in-law is going to lose money on all those twisty light bulbs he imports?

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The blogger who believes that pollution is a problem but doesn't believe in Global Warming


Debbie said...

Hello from Debbie of Right Truth, member of the Watcher of Weasels Council. Nice to meet you.

As you say the teetering god of global warming is truly getting a big push off the cliff these past few days. It's about time.

Anonymous said...

It was also hotter during the age of the dinosaurs -- which antedates George Bush by a few million years !

-- dragon/dinosaur

Bookworm said...

Bookworm here, one of the Watchers. Thanks very much for linking to the Watcher's Council. It's quite nice to know that, half a world away from us, there is someone reading our work and sharing our views.