Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Really Sad Day

I had to really look to find an article on the shenanigans of the EU yesterday. The US press is filled with news about the US off year elections and the local papers are focused on a new Disney Land in Shanghai.

The nations of Europe basically ceased to exist yesterday and were replaced by the EU in what amounts to a bloodless coup.

There will be, in my lifetime probably no better example of the stupidity of the press than the lack of coverage of this event. This was a huge event and Hong Kong is worried about the revenue at Disney Land?

There is no more France. There is no more Germany. There is no more Italy. No more Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Austria, or Spain. There is barely a UK. The Lisbon treaty, which the Czech president was blackmailed into signing yesterday abolished them all, or very shorty will.

It does not matter that when votes were held on this treaty the populations of nations voted it down. The tyrants, the nuvo-nobility who believe they know what is best for everybody else have taken over through political maneuvering. It is done.

What is really scary is that so many of the officials in Hong Kong were trained by the Bloody British to be shoe-shine boys for the colonial masters and follow their lead. Is it any wonder that they bow and scrape to their supposed betters in Beijing? How long before they sign away our liberty to emulate their European heroes?

What is even scarier is that there have been no riots or demonstrations in Europe. Are the French, Italians and Germans so beaten down that they would willingly accept tyrants assuming control of their nations without a fight? Not one demonstration protesting the loss of sovereignty or national heritage in all of Europe. Cheese eating surrender monkeys indeed!

Assuming that the US, the PRC and Russia are not going to call this an illegal coup and raise armies of liberation to invade Europe (Something I would not support if the local populations are not resiting this takeover with force); I have some suggestions for Barrak Obama, Hu Jintau and Vladimir Putin.

They should demand the following things:

The US, the UK, France, Russia and China are permanent members of the UN security council. The UK and France are no longer nations but provinces that means that Europe is over represented. Both those nations need to be removed. The UN might possibly give one seat to the EU and one seat to another nation with a Democratic government based upon population; maybe India or Brazil but maybe give them both to democratically elected government somewhere else. In any case the UK and France should be removed from the UN Security Council.

Indeed, the ex nations of Europe no longer need to have separate missions to the UN. They should be replaced with a single EU mission in New York.

The UK, France, Germany, Italy and any other ex-nation that is now a member of the EU should lose their place in any other international organizations such as the G20. They are now part of the EU and are represented by the EU.

If the US, China and Russia only get one Olympic team the same should be true for Europe. Most of the provinces in China have more population than the former countries of Europe. If England or France insist upon their own Olympic teams now then why can't Heibei or Gaungdong have their own Olympic teams if they want? The same is true of the US States of Texas and California. (By the way the States in the US are now closer to independent nations than the former nations of Europe.) If the US and China only get one Olympic team then the EU should only get one Olympic team.

The US should immediately withdraw from NATO. The nations in that treaty no longer exist. Let the EU defend itself.

Russia should demand to renegotiate treaties for natural gas and other commodities they ship to the various ex-nations of Europe.

Replace all the big embassies in ex-capitals with smaller branch consulates. Have one Embassy in Brussels.

Require all people carrying passports from the ex-nations to either get a new EU passport or leave.

Please understand, none of these demands is punitive. They would simply bring the EU into line with international norms.

Lastly; make an open announcement that any citizen of the new EU that does not feel that they can live under the tyrannical government that has taken over their countries is encouraged to immigrate to freer countries like The PRC, The USA or Russia.

God help the people of Europe. They have taken a huge step towards despotism. I hope it is a step that can be retracted.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Blogger who is glad he isn't in an EU member state

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