Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Cost of Dissent

I am surprised that this story is still in the news. Normally this kind of thing is quickly swept under the rug in favor more pressing concerns like the business ventures of the THBT's increasingly distant relatives.

As I said in a previous post on this; I am having a hard time sympathizing with this dissident. He KNEW he was a wanted man in China. He WAS travelling under fraudulent documents. The government MUST obey the law.

If the officials in the HK immigration service had looked the other way in this guy's case and the mainland had found out about it then we could kiss any thoughts of universal suffrage goodbye. Indeed, we could probably have kissed the basic law, the SAR and the special privileges and freedoms (At least when compared to the rest of China) we enjoy in Hong Kong away

It is just that simple. The dissident should not have tried to enter China to see his family. Was he so dumb that he didn't think his family would still be under surveillance? Why did he even come here? Why not cross the border in Macau?

I'm sorry the politicians who are trying to make a stink about this are wrong. Even if they, like me somewhat support what the dissident claims to stand for. The immigration department, when they discovered who this guy was probably had no other choice but to return him to the PRC.

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