Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life and Death in a Government Hospital - A subject revisted

Without a doubt, some of the most intense, emotional entries I have posted on this blog were those that dealt with the death of my mother-in-law in 2005.

I thought of this today because of an article that appeared as a eulogy on the American Thinker Blog. One of their frequent commenter's, Peter Blocking recently died. He posted under the name PeterUK or PUK. He was generally a funny, genial man whose wit and humor were always a welcome break from the acrimony that is so often the norm on political blogs regardless of ideological bent. However, one of the best post Peter made was neither funny or genial.

He wrote a long comment about the death of his mother while being cared for by the NHS. His experiences were so similar to those the wife and I had during her mother's death that I went back and re-read my post titled "Life and Death in a Hong Kong Hospital" from 2005.

As the US congress seems determined to visit the dehumanizing evil of socialized medicine to the US public I thought I would post links to my essays with my experiences using the HK Health care system as well as a link to Peter Block's post at the American Thinker.

Life and Death In a Hong Kong Hospital

Less Life More Death in a Hong Kong Hospital

A Lingering Death

A Walk in the Park (Not about my mother-in-law)

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