Monday, June 05, 2006

17 years

Last night was the protest remembering the 17th anaversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. There were two or three soccer pitches worth of people in Victoria Park. It is amazing to me that this event is still remembered and the attendance is so good. The PRC government and their Hong Kong toadies just pretends that they don't see or that it never happened but, in Hong Kong it is remembered every year.

As I stood there with my candle, I couldn't help but quietly think that one day the students who died there will be considered to have been the first martyrs of the new and free China. It is my prayer today that China will become a free nation soon.

"There ain't no funerals, there ain't no prayers, there ain't no blood in the government square. Reign of terror, true and tried, dried the eyes before they'd cried! And how many tears must fall down? Oh, how many tears must fall? How much blood must soak this ground and how many tears must fall?"
Mark Heard

Pray for China today

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Chinese Patriot Blooger

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