Friday, June 30, 2006

More T-Shirts

About a year ago I made a post on the funny, sometimes really dirty t-shirts that you see the Chinese here wearing.

As it happens this week has been a good week for strange t-shirt spotting. Most of them have been rather dirty. Maybe I've just been getting out more. Maybe it is just the season.

Seen this week, as best as I can remember:
  • "If love is the answer my body is the question" (worn by an overweight teenage girl)
  • "Love, love, happiness, free sex, me (Worn by a middle aged woman)
  • "Donald Dick" (A possible misspelling as the shirt had Donald Duck on the front)
  • "I'm the easy one" (Ostensibly a shirt advertising a Japanese beer. But the pretty teenage girl wearing the shirt obviously didn't understand the dirty-old man imagery it evoked)
  • A t-shirt with a cartoon picture of a man looking inside his underwear. The one word caption was "Happiness" Worn by a rather pretty young lady who obviously had no clue.)
  • A t-shirt that was designed like the ubiquitous I (Heart for love) HK/NY/Shanghai/etc. But that had the heart removed and hand with the middle finger raised and an apostrophe "ed" instead. So "I F--Ked HK" (This was worn by a girl who looked liked a Filipino maid.)
The best of the week?

  • "Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians" (Worn by a old man in the park.)
  • "If I throw a stick will you go away?" (Worn by a man who appeared to be a tourist)
These just reminded me that you should never wear any thing that has words in a language you cannot read.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The T-Shirt Reading Blogger

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